Kalendář 2018


On the night of December 11th, I launched my second calendar ever. I will talk about the launch event more in depth in another blogpost, but this time I would like to say a few things about the calendar itself. 

Last year me and Petra Barinova worked on the first calendar, and even though we loved it (it was our first baby!) we knew there were a lot of things to improve. First of all was the print quality. I had the chance to photograph a wedding this fall, where the bride's father worked in a big printing company. So naturally, we talked about it at the wedding and then he helped me prepare the calendar for the best print quality possible. It was a lengthy process and we exchanged lots of e-mails and files until we were both happy. I am so glad I chose this guy, he was very professional and helped us so much! Overall, I am really happy with the print this year.

The photography itself also had to evolve. I chose the theme of reflections - every image was shot either as a reflection in a window, or through a window itself. It was not an easy task and I had to improvise quite often. It is definitely a new skill I learned thanks to the calendar! A few new tricks in Photoshop came in handy when editing these images. I got so much better at skin retouching and overall colour corrections!

Petra's work on the hair & make up has evolved also quite a bit since the last year. I enjoyed watching her grow and get better not only throughout this process, but also during the past three years that we have been working together!

The tote bags that you see in the images were also a new addition this year. The one on the left has a logo of the launch event and the one on the right side says "I'm a model". It was given to my models as a thank you gift. You can also notice my new logo that was created by my very talented friend Michal Sodek.

If you are interested in the calendar, send me a message on any of my social sites. There are only 8 calendars left!

Adéla Bohackova