My pup's b-day


It was exactly two years ago when I took my car and drove to one of the many dog shelters here in the Czech republic. I fell in love with this pup instantly. All of the dogs were barking and jumping all over and he was just sitting there and watching me with his puppy eyes. He still looks like a puppy, but he is actually around 7 years old. Since I don't really know much about his background, I chose his b-day. I wanted to celebrate it on the day we joined paths. 

I remember the first day like it was yesterday. I brought him home, he was very stressed out and felt very hot, since I live in an apartment and in the shelter he was kept outside in freezing temperatures. None of us slept that first night. He was running around, weeping, breathing heavily, and I was nervous what is wrong. The second day was much better and from then on he became a part of my family. 

It has not always been easy with him, he gets extremely scared of random objects (he does not let you brush him, cut his fur, cut his nails, examine his ears etc.) and the dog hair - oh god - there's so much of it and it's absolutely everywhere! But I could never complain, he brings so much joy to my life. With him, I no longer feel lonely the way I used to.

Here is to many more beautiful years with this wonderful dog!

Adéla Bohackova