[EN] We have a podcast!

It has been almost a year when my friend Mike called me from the States and said:"Hey, we should start a podcast together!" And so we did. We've since released 8 episodes, including a video episode and a bonus episode, and I am currently editing the next one.


I'm not going to lie to you guys, it has not been easy. We knew nothing about podcasts. We just knew we enjoyed listening to them. Mike had to figure everything out and then teach me. I've never worked with audio before and I've certainly never heard myself speak like this before. I remember the day Mike edited the first episode last year and said:"Let's get into the torture of listening ourselves.". It felt so uncomfortable and so unnatural. After almost 10 months of doing this though, it feels good. I enjoy it and I am very happy to see myself outside of my comfort zone, doing something I've never thought I would do.

If you want to know what the podcast is all about, watch this video. Talk to you soon!