[EN] Leslie & Andrew


Leslie is a newborn photographer from Texas, USA, who shares my obsession with The House of Flynn camera bags. That is actually how she found me - in a HOF Facebook group for photographers. She decided to contact me a few months back to do a session with her husband while they travel to my hometown, Prague. Instead of buying souvenirs during their travels, she said, they create them. They come home with a beautiful set of photographs. This is such a great idea, I thought!

It was a truly pleasant session. We walked through the old town of Prague, I showed them my favorite spots and we chatted about photography. During our summer heatwave, both Leslie and her husband Andrew lasted like troopers during this two-hours long session and were natural in front of my camera. They had such a beautiful chemistry together. I loved working with them and I hope to cross their paths again, wherever in the world that might be!

Adéla Bohackova