[EN] My new blogger muse


A few months back I was contacted on my instagram page by a blogger I didn’t know, asking whether I did TFP collaborations. I thought it might be fun and agreed to do a quick photoshoot. And I’m so happy I did! Me and Mary met a few weeks after that and we instantly clicked. Mary Ausova is a dancer, blogger, mom, but most importantly, she is full good vibes and positive energy!

I absolutely love working with her. Not only does her great mood instantly transfer on me, but she is amazing in front of the camera. It is so easy! Within 20 minutes we are done with so many creative poses. I don’t even have to tell her what to do.

Collaborations like this are the essence of why I love photography. Creating something just for pure pleasure, something so easy and effortless. It reminds me of why I do what I do and inspires me to get better everyday.
If you want to check out this awesome lady, you can go to her instagram profile, her website or her FB page.

Adéla Bohackova